Video is the most impactful marketing tool available, with arguably the highest ROI for marketers. It’s no different for marketing a property. Video’s capture potential buyers attention and draws in more views online. More views means more showings, and we all know what more showings means. Faster money in your pocket!

There is a correct way to market a property with a video, and video isn’t the cheapest solution so it may not fit for every listing. For example, the average viewer will only dedicate about 3 seconds to an image, so the image needs to really stand out to get attention. A video on the other hand will grab a viewers attention for a lot longer. But how much longer? According to studies the sweet spot for a real estate video is between 1-2 minutes. Any longer and the buyer will lose interest, and any shorter and you’re missing an opportunity to market to an engaged audience!

I create marketing videos with my drone for properties that are short, sweet, and impactful. They fall in the 60-90 second window to catch a buyers attention and leave them interested for more. I don’t create long repetitive video that leave buyers worn out before they look at the pictures or read the property description. I showcase the location, property boundaries, and feature highlights from the sky! Let me make your listings pop with professional real estate drone videos!

Below is a sample of both drone and interior video from a property I photographed.


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