Not only does professional quality video help your listings stand out, it also builds your brand as an agent. There are several options when it comes to video, deciding which is right for you is important. At William Griggs Photography we focus on providing high quality, polished, and engaging video. We keep the videos engaging by understanding your target audience; home buyers and other agents.

Knowing this, we keep out videos concise. 90 seconds is the recommended length taking into account attention span. We showcase the highlights of the property, just enough to get the buyers excited to learn more. And we provide a polished viewing experience to support you as you build your reputation as a top agent that buyers will want to work with and other agents will respect.

We do all of this with the understanding that you are running a small business. So rather than providing an overkill $1500 video production we focus on giving the best quality content for the most affordable pricing. Exceeding expectations without including unnecessary expenses. Give us a call at 423-760-9120 or schedule your next listing video directly on our website (here) and let’s make an impression together!

Take a look at this video we created for a local builder:


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